Merhaba. Ben Hayatın İpuçları sitesinin kurucusu.

Hello, I’m Aslı. I was born and I live in Turkey. I’m a Scorpio sign, a little stubborn and free-spirited. I am a person who likes to travel, I cannot sit still. I don’t like to make plans. Wherever the wind takes me, I love to live that moment. My favorite season is spring. I like to ride motorcycles. Sport is a part of my life. I met kickboxing in 2010 and I have been a competitive athlete for 4 years. Then in 2015 I got to know the sport of judo and until this time I always love to do kickboxing and judo. Now I am a student at the Sport Sciences Coaching Faculty and I decided to set up a site because I needed money. While informing people, I decided to turn this into an opportunity. I want to build a profession with my dreams. Maybe a weight loss camp. Why weight loss camp because obesity has taken over the whole world and sedentary life is bad. I love to explore nature and animals. I want and wish to make friends with people all over the world, live with love. It’s a good feeling to socialize with new people. I love people because they are human, I am not prejudiced against anyone. Nobody should be prejudiced against someone else. Remember that all five fingers are not one. If we leave aside the bad thoughts in our brains, we do not discriminate between religion, language and race. Stay healthy ♥